Smart rings: the best allies to monitor bodily functions

Wearable devices continue to expand and if the rumors about Apple’s entry into the market are confirmed, an invasion is coming: we are referring to smart rings, which in its first wave includes the Samsung Galaxy Ring, soon to be put on sale and other notable models such as the Oura Ring, Circular Ring and the Amazfit Helio Ring. In addition, many other major manufacturers are expected to begin marketing models inspired by their most important functions.

What are smart rings?

A smart ring is a wearable device, a term used to refer to personal accessories that are used as clothing and are equipped with technology capable of collecting information about essential body functions and interacting with other smart devices such as, for example. , a smartphone.

It has the appearance of a normal ring but inside it coexists sophisticated wireless data communication technologies and body sensors, something that reminds us of smart watches. They certainly share many common functions with smartwatches, but they are more discreet and comfortable to wear.

What functions do smart rings offer?

Among the main functions of smart rings are the following:

Physical activity tracking

As with many smartwatches and activity trackers, smart rings can measure the number of steps, measure distances traveled, and provide estimates of calories burned.

Monitoring vital signs

Smart rings have the ability to monitor various vital signs, including heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep quality, and other health-related parameters.

Discreet notifications

Many smart rings can connect to a smartphone and provide notifications of calls, messages and other alerts, but in a more discreet way.

Wireless device control

Smart rings can interact with other smart devices and make them easier to control. Smart speakers and home automation devices are included.

Contactless payments

The most sophisticated ones incorporate NFC technology that facilitates contactless payments in physical stores.

How much do smart rings cost?

Smart ring prices can vary greatly depending on the brand and features of the ring. Generally, prices range between one hundred and three hundred US dollars. For example, the Oura smart ring, known for advanced vital statistics tracking, sells for prices ranging from US$299 to US$399, depending on the style and manufacturing material.

While the Circular Ring smart ring, which offers instant measurements of heart rate and other vital signs parameters, sells for around US$200.

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