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Do you mean Twitter search advanced?

Twitter search advanced is a feature on the Twitter platform that allows users to perform more advanced searches with a greater degree of customization and precision.

With advanced search, users can filter their search results by specific keywords, phrases, hashtags, accounts, dates, and locations. They can also search for tweets that contain media such as photos and videos, and exclude certain words or phrases from their search results.

The advanced search feature can be accessed by clicking on the "Advanced Search" option on the Twitter search page, or by using specific search operators in the Twitter search bar. Some examples of advanced search operators include:

near: followed by a location to find tweets from a specific geographic area

lang: followed by a language code to find tweets in a specific language

since: followed by a date to find tweets posted after a specific date

until: followed by a date to find tweets posted before a specific date

By using advanced search, Twitter users can more easily find the information they are looking for and refine their search results to be more relevant to their needs.


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