Updating Windows 11 to 23H2 Moment 4

Getting along with your Windows-equipped computer becomes much easier when your operating system is updated. Through this mechanism, Microsoft introduces new features and corrects security functions, among other aspects relevant to the user experience.

Windows 11 is no exception. Each major update planned by Microsoft comes with new features, however, the 23H2 Moment 4 update marks a milestone in its history, as it means the coupling of Open AI’s GPT-4 artificial intelligence to the operating system as a whole, while which puts an end to the Cortana experience.

And it does so through an assistant called Copilot, which will be installed in the task bar and will allow you to do all kinds of information searches, generate creative content, activate or deactivate connections, play song playlists or help with tasks. operating system configuration.

But that’s not all, this update also brings almost 150 new features, improvements in accessibility and the implementation of artificial intelligence in tools such as Paint and Windows Photos, among others.

How to get Windows Copilot

Well, you just have to update Windows 11 to its latest version (23H2 Moment 4) following the usual mechanism, that is, using the update option present in the Start > Settings > Windows Update section. After being activated, Copilot will run in a separate window that can be opened from the taskbar.

At the moment, it is already available in the USA, while in Europe it is stopped due to issues related to the Digital Markets Law of the European Union, however, its definitive deployment is a matter of time. In the rest of the world the launch of the 23H2 Moment 4 update is also already planned.

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