Android 14: Main New Features and Release Date

Android along with iOS dominate the market for smartphone operating systems, but unlike Apple’s which is used exclusively in products manufactured by this company, Android works with equipment from different vendors and ranges ranging from entry level to high end. premium level, something that has helped a lot in its popularization.

However, this also means that the big updates do not reach all the millions of terminals that run Android. For example, its latest version number 13 is not available for the vast majority of devices because it integrates technologies that can only be implemented on relatively powerful equipment or with a specific hardware configuration.

And the same is expected of its 14th version whose beta release date is estimated for the first months of 2023. This beta version offers an approach to the stable version to be released a few weeks later and will be available for download from compatible terminals.

However, if this does not cause you concern, you have a terminal equipped for future Android updates or you have in mind getting a device with the most advanced technology in the near future, we will tell you about the main Android news in its version number 14 , or at least what is known about it through the main Internet technology portals.

Most important news of Android 14

First of all, computers with Android 14 pre-installed from the factory will have native support for the AV1 codec developed by the Alliance for Open Media, a project undertaken by Google to make high-definition video transmission use less bandwidth and that it will also benefit streaming video content providers.

On the other hand, Android 14 is expected to have a satellite connection system to make emergency calls in the absence of mobile or Wi-Fi connections, very similar to the features implemented in the iPhone 14.

Another feature that will come packed in Android 14 is the predictive back gesture function with which it is possible to preview the screen that results in the back gesture, being able to cancel the operation before carrying it out.

Android 14 Supported Phone Models

Samsung’s high-end devices manufactured after 2020 will have no problem adapting to Android 14 because they are scheduled to receive updates for at least 4 years.

This situation does not change at all with the companies OnePlus, Oppo or Xiaomi when it comes to their flagships. It is also speculated that the first terminals to receive the update to Android 14b will be the Google Pixel models, specifically the models after Google Pixel 4a.

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