Best alternative Keyboards For Android

The keyboard of Android mobile devices fresh from the store is activated by default in order to be able to do the initial operations that include the configuration of user accounts that allow access to device protection and the official Google application store Play Store, among other tasks to start using the terminal.

Once this is done, it is possible to continue using this keyboard or change it to one of the keyboards available on Google Play or any other alternative store. It is even possible to pair Bluetooth keyboards or conventional keyboards via the USB OTG connection. Therefore, if you are one of those who is not happy with the default keyboard of your terminal, the options are very diverse and here we mention the most important ones.

Best keyboard apps for Android

Gboard: the Google keyboard

Gboard stands out for its excellent performance. In addition, it is one of the most downloaded from the Play Store. It has support to search for Gifs, exchange stickers and share information discovered through Google. In addition, it allows you to write with voice dictations or by sliding your finger.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Also known as the Microsoft keyboard for Android. This virtual keyboard has a predictive writing system, allows you to search for GIFS and send emojis. It supports swipe typing and has the ability to understand when you want to mix words in multiple languages, without having to configure one of them in particular.


Fleksy is a keyboard for Android used by millions of users, considering how many times it has been downloaded from the Play Store. It maintains common functions with previous keyboards such as predictive typing, GIFS search.

Also noteworthy is the presence within its interface of mini applications to share content directly from there, the most important being Spotify and YouTube.

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard is a keyboard that changes color depending on the app it’s being used with. It also supports multi-language typing and swipe typing.

Wireless keyboards for Android

The Bluetooth support of the Android system allows your terminal to be linked not only to a portable speaker, but also to a physical wireless keyboard with Bluetooth capability. And from there interact with the functions of the device.

Setup is very easy if you follow these steps.

How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your Android?

First of all, please put the keyboard in pairing mode. Check your owner’s manual to make sure this happens. Then, on a phone, go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth and turn this feature on.

Wait a few moments for it to detect the keyboard and make the connection. If necessary, enter the requested code. Ready.

USB keyboards for Android

Many times it’s more like typing or gaming from a larger keyboard than portable keyboards. For this you only have to connect the keyboard of your PC or a gamer keyboard with a USB connection. Fortunately, this is very possible thanks to the OTG function of Android terminals. If you want to know about this function, check the following article:

How To Use The OTG Connection Of An Android Phone

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