How to set your Android phone to Guest Mode?

It is possible that you do not have anything bad to hide on your smartphone, but lending it to your friends or minors at home without taking any precautionary measure may be an unwise decision. It puts the information it contains or gives access to it at risk. It also means a provocation to the invasion of your privacy, among other types of inconvenience.

All that kind of hassle can be avoided by using Android’s guest feature.

What is Guest Mode on Android for?

This is a feature that is similar to the one used by Windows to manage multiple user accounts and allows you to create additional profiles to the profile of the owner of the computer.

With the Guest feature, each new user has their own workspace from which they can use the phone however they see fit, including the ability to set their own wallpapers, install their favorite apps, and make changes to device settings. . We show you how to use it.

How to enable Guest Mode on Android

Go to Settings > Users. Under the Guest option, click on Add user and on the screen that appears, click on Accept.

Then, confirm the creation of the profile and make the final adjustments that include the use of a Google account and the assignment of a username, steps to be carried out by the new user of the equipment.

How to disable a guest account on Android

This step is very simple. Go to Settings > Users and tap on the More options menu. Then, select the option to delete the chosen user.

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