How to access GPT-4?

Despite the fact that the information with which ChatGPT interacts with users has not been updated since 2022, its promoters, the OpenAI company and partners such as Microsoft, continue to improve the language model that supports it, that is, the GPT platform.

This artificial intelligence platform has undergone a major upgrade compared to its previous version 3.5. And it is that with the launch of its 4.0 version, new algorithms have been incorporated that favor better performance and, above all, new interaction channels.


Indeed, now GPT-4 not only answers like an expert and with a language similar to that of a human general questions or technical questions formulated with texts. It also has the ability to hold conversations accompanied by images or made with voice notes.

This new processing capacity will allow you to read handwritten questions and designs on paper, as well as interpret photographs to generate solutions to requirements of all kinds. From the most basic level such as preparing a recipe to the advanced level that includes a diagnosis

How to access the new GPT Chat?

According to OpenAI, the new features of GPT-4 will be rolled out gradually, both to enterprise customers and to the free-to-access web platform ChatGPT.

However, in the latter it will be available in the first instance for users who have one of its subscription plans.

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