Huawei Android Phone Secret Codes

Discover your Huaweie’s hidden menus for quicker access to common settings.

As well as knowing the IMEI number of a cell phone, there is a known quick access code, there is also a set of secret codes.

What are the uses of secret codes in Huawei phones?

The secret codes of a smartphone are generally reserved for technical personnel. They allow access to advanced settings or hardware diagnostic utilities of the device.

In the case of Huawei phones, there are a variety of codes that work universally or for certain models. These codes are sometimes true shortcuts to common Huawei phone settings. We show them below.

Huawei Mobile Secret Codes

All codes are activated from the Phone application.

* # 0000 # * # * – Shortcut to About phone section.

* # 2846579 # * # * – Access to ProjectMenu (SIM lock status, battery conditions, factory reset, information on the phone company that sold the phone, etc.).

* # 225 # * # * – Calendar Information.

* # 225 # * # * – Diagnosis of FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging).

# * # 1357946 # * # * – EMUI Version, Serial Number, Product ID

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