Smart Switch: Transfer Essential Data to New Galaxy

Transferring data from a cell phone to a newly purchased one is not a common task, but sooner or later the time will come to do it. This is what Samsung Smart Switch has been designed for, an application to transfer the most important data contained in an old phone to a new Samsung model from the Galaxy and Note series.

Samsung Smart Switch is an application that has the ability to extract the contact list, messages, images and videos, emails and calendar events as well as user settings from the old phone, to transfer them over the air or through a connection wired to the new Samsung phone.

Samsung Smart Switch exports them directly from phone to phone, avoiding making connections with intermediary equipment such as computers or cloud storage units. In addition, you can do it with Android phones and even Apple iPhones, with two connection methods in both cases: wired and wireless.

In this tutorial we show you the steps you must follow when using the wireless connection.

How to transfer data from an Android to your new Galaxy via WiFi

To start, connect the two devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

Go to your old Android phone. Then, download Smart Switch Mobile from the Google Play Store.

Open Smart Switch Mobile, accept the terms and conditions, and pay attention to the information that appears on the screen.

Click on Let’s get started. Grant permissions for the app to access your information and click Continue. On the Get Connected screen, select Wireless.

Now, go to your new Samsung Galaxy phone and open Smart Switch, either by launching the application directly or from Settings > Cloud and Accounts. Wait for the two devices to connect and follow the instructions in the data transfer wizard.

How to transfer data from an iPhone to your new Galaxy via WiFi?

First, connect the two devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

Next, go to your old iOS phone, go to the App Store (iPhone) and download Samsung Smart Switch Mobile.

Run the application, review the information that appears on the screen and click Continue. Grant permissions to access and manage the information stored on the device and click Continue.

To start the process, click on Let’s get started. When the Connect screen appears, choose Wireless.

Now, go to your new Samsung Galaxy phone, go to Settings > Cloud & Accounts and select Smart Switch. You can also directly run the Samsung Smart Switch app, included as standard in recent Samsung Galaxy models.

Now, select Receive data > iPhone/iPad > Import Wireless. Scan the QR code that appears on the Samsung Galaxy screen with your iPhone. Then follow the instructions.

What to do if you can’t establish the Wi-Fi connection?

If you encounter difficulties establishing a Wi-Fi connection, opting for a wired connection is a viable alternative. Ensure you acquire cables and adapters that are compatible with your devices, then proceed by following essentially identical steps. This method not only offers a reliable connection but also eliminates potential Wi-Fi-related issues.

By embracing the wired option, you guarantee a stable and seamless connectivity experience. This simple switch provides a practical solution to connectivity challenges, ensuring you remain connected without the uncertainties associated with wireless networks.

What happens if you open other apps during the transfer?

While the transfer is in progress, you have the flexibility to perform other tasks. Nevertheless, it is advisable to refrain from doing so to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted transfer process. Focusing solely on the ongoing transfer minimizes the risk of potential interruptions or complications, guaranteeing a more efficient and trouble-free experience. Prioritize the seamless completion of the transfer by avoiding concurrent activities for optimal results.

What happens to the data on the old phone after the transfer?

The transferred data remains intact on the old phone post-transfer; none of it is deleted. This ensures that your information is securely stored on both devices, preserving a backup on the original phone. Enjoy the peace of mind that your data is safeguarded, and seamlessly transition to using your new device without any concerns about losing valuable information on the old one

How to not transfer all the data?

Smart Switch Mobile intuitively transfers essential data by default. Yet, for personalized control, users can tailor the process. Unchecking unwanted elements allows a fine-tuned transfer, excluding specific data categories as desired. This customization ensures a more streamlined and efficient transfer experience, accommodating individual preferences and minimizing unnecessary data migration.

Take advantage of Smart Switch Mobile’s adaptability to selectively transfer only what is essential, optimizing the transition to a new device with precision and ease.

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