Claude: AI Chatbot Understanding 150,000-Word Messages

What is Claude?

Claude is a conversational chatbot powered by artificial intelligence and developed by the company Anthropic from advanced language models based on the Transformer architecture, the same one used by GPT-3 and its subproduct ChatGPT.

What is the current version of Claude?

Claude is in public beta, which means that the general public can test its capabilities and help improve it. Even so, its recent update to version 2.1 has repowered it to the point of making it a strong contender for other conversational chatbots such as Google’s Bard or ChatGPT itself.

Claude has been trained with 12 billion parameters, being able to understand long and complex texts that are under the same frame of reference. According to its creators, it can efficiently process texts of up to 150,000 words, which is equivalent to a 500-page book.

What other tasks can Claude do?

Claude can consistently respond to general information requests in English, but is excellent in twelve other languages, including Portuguese, French and German.

Claude can also translate texts between the languages it supports, summarizes documents uploaded to its server in a variety of formats, drafts documents and emails, and writes computer code in a multitude of programming languages, having special skill with Python language.

In short, Claude is a chatbot with extensive conversational capacity, whose memory is capable of remembering extensive threads of conversations. Additionally, you can adapt your answers to the context provided by users.

How to access Claude?

Enter from your web browser, start a user session and proceed to interact with this interesting chatbot with artificial intelligence.

Image: Luzia

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