Unlocking Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco’s Audio HD Feature

What are audio codecs?

The quality of an audio stream over Bluetooth, for example, from a phone to a headset or speaker, depends on codecs, small algorithms capable of compressing digital sound at the transmission source and decompressing it at the other end. This intermediate step facilitates file transmission and offers fairly acceptable quality in the vast majority of cases.

However, conventional codecs no longer work properly with today’s audiovisual productions, sacrificing many nuances and sound effects that characterize them. That’s why other related technologies have been created, such as Sony’s LDAC technology or aptX technology, whose codecs allow for high-resolution audio playback with minimal loss of quality.

Why is Xiaomi’s Audio HD hidden behind developer options?

These technologies have been included in Xiaomi phones and, in general, in mobile devices based on MIUI 14 onwards from the Redmi and Poco brands, through the Audio HD feature. However, this feature is hidden behind developer options because its use by individuals without the necessary experience could affect the stability of the operating system due to increased battery and data consumption. Furthermore, its use requires Bluetooth headphones compatible with high-resolution audio.

Revealing the Hidden Audio HD Feature on Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco

To unlock Audio HD on a Xiaomi, Redmi, or Poco phone, follow these steps.

First, enable developer options on your phone. To do this, go to Settings > About phone and tap the Build number seven times in a row. You’ll see a message on the screen indicating that you are now a developer.

Now, go back to the Settings section, tap on System, and select the new Developer options. Turn on the Use developer options toggle and navigate to the Audio HD section. Also, turn on this toggle.

Tap on Bluetooth audio codec and select the codec compatible with your headphones. Then, tap Accept (on entry-level phones like the Redmi 2, these codec options may be disabled and cannot be changed).

The Audio HD feature on Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco phones is an excellent way to enjoy the audio from your favorite movies and songs without losing quality. Just make sure that the headphones or speakers you’re using are also compatible with the selected high-resolution codecs.

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