Why is my Xiaomi phone stuck on MIUI screen?

Xiaomi MIUI screen

A failure that occurs when turning on a Xiaomi phone is the bootloop error in which the normal loading of the system stops, leaving the smartphone frozen on the MIUI logo screen.

This problem of stuck in the boot can occur after an update of the operating system, root operations, installation of incompatible ROMs, among other causes.

It has several ways to solve it and we show them below.

Fix MIUI logo stack on boot screen from the Recovery menu

With the phone locked on the MIUI logo, press the power key and the volume up key at the same time.

When it restarts, release the power key and wait for the Recovery menu screen to appear.

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Try to solve the problem by using the option to reboot the device, which has the advantage of not causing data loss. To do this, use the power key to select the Reboot option and then Reboot to System.

Xiaomi MIUI Recovery screen

If this doesn’t work, repeat the above process and select the Wipe Data option (factory reset).

Fix MIUI logo stack on boot screen from the Fastboot menu

If you are still having problems you can use Fastboot mode and the help of your computer. To enter this mode, press the power button and the volume down button at the same time.

In addition, you will need to download the Xiaomi Flash Tool to your PC, which allows you to flash the phone with an official version of MIUI.

This tool offers the download of the official ROM and its subsequent installation on the phone, which should put an end to the bootloop problem.

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12 thoughts on “Why is my Xiaomi phone stuck on MIUI screen?”

  1. Using the first methond, my phone is still stuck on Miui screen. Using fastboot, my PC wont connect to the phone because there is no driver detected. What can I do?

  2. Similar problem here. I’ve selected the FASTBOOT menu on the phone and connected it to my PC. Meanwhile no communication is available.

  3. Mahmood Ahmed Khan

    Perfect.. It works for me, my phone was stuck at MIUI logo for a whole day, i tried step one, and now its working perfectly, thank you.

  4. My phone is stuck on the MIUI logo screen for the past two weeks now, I have tried factory resetting it but it was still stuck on the logo screen, also I have flashed it with the official global rom using MiFlash Tool and the phone is still stuck on boot logo(MIUI).😣 Please is there any other way to get out the phone out of this state? Pleasse I need help on this.
    Phone: Xiaomi Mi Note 10
    Model: M191F4G

    *this is my email pls.: andrewcaster105@gmail.com*

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