How to Record IPTV Free

Two modalities are intermingled in the IPTV system: the one of legal origin that is marketed by companies that provide cable TV and Internet service, and the modality related to the IPTV listings that circulate on the Internet, in which the links are grouped. streaming of DTT channels that broadcast their signal over the Internet and other pirated television content, especially signals from cable channels.

In the first case, the IPTV system works normally with a decoder connected to the television and with the ability to record content on its internal memory or hard drive at the user’s request.

How to record IPTV channels

However, with IPTV listings, the same is not the case. The channels on the list are played through applications for mobile devices or smart TVs, and also through programs for computers. Therefore, the recording option depends on the operating system or playback software.

Windows, Android and iOS have functions to record user activity on video, making them ideal for capturing the playback of any IPTV channel, however, the process is not very intuitive.

On Android TV the process is a bit more difficult and slow, while on other television platforms the screenshot option is non-existent. That is why, to record a channel contained in an IPTV list, it is better to resort to specific applications.

How to record IPTV on Windows

On Windows, the best option is IP-TV Player from Russian developer Borpas, as it has a direct record button. Download the program from the following link:

Download IP-TV Player (.exe)

Then you run it to have it installed on your computer. Then open the program, load the IPTV list on its interface and play the channel of your choice.

At the moment you prefer, press the red recording button and stop it when you want the recording to end. You will find the video file obtained in the Video folder of your PC.

How to record IPTV on mobile devices

On iOS and Android, the most suitable alternative is the GSE Smart IPTV application, available on the App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

GSE Smart IPTV also has a direct record button. Once the playback of a channel has started, press the record button and press it again at the moment in which you want the recording to stop. The generated video file will be saved in Settings > Recordings. From there you can play it, delete it or share it on your social networks.

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