USB Flash Drive Format Tool for Windows

Formatting and secure deletion of your USB devices is what USB Flash Drive Format Tool offers you USB Flash Drive Format Tool is a tool designed for formatting USB storage drives, including external hard drives and SD memory cards. It works with NTFS, FAT, FAT32 and EXFAT file systems, so it can replace the built-in […]

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Amazon Appstore for Android

Payment applications at no cost to your cell phone Amazon Appstore is the Android application store managed by Amazon and included in the factory on smart devices and tablets sold by this company. Through it, free and paid applications and games are distributed, so it can serve as an alternative to the official Google Play […]

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Jitsi Meet for iPhone

Group videoconferences without time limits or participants Jitsi Meet is a group video conferencing application whose main characteristics are that it does not set limits on the number of participants or the duration of an online meeting. Added to this is that you do not need to have a user account to create or join […]

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Amazon Fire TV for Android

Use your phone as a remote control for the Fire TV Stick Amazon Fire TV is Amazon’s official mobile app that makes it easy to remotely manage your Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K devices. It is designed to offer a better experience with Amazon streaming players, as it contains functions that the […]

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Amazon Alexa for iPhone or iPad

Add devices to your Alexa account, create routines or phone other users for free Amazon Alexa is the app that allows you to configure, manage and control your electronic devices that integrate Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. Thanks to Amazon Alexa you can add to your Alexa account, your smart devices compatible with its voice technology, […]

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Amazon Alexa for Android

Create routines, activate skills or phone other Alexa users Amazon Alexa is the mobile application that allows you to configure and manage your electronic devices that integrate Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. Thanks to Amazon Alexa you can connect to your Alexa account, the digital devices of your home compatible with its voice technology and activate […]

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How to check the condition of a mobile phone

Quickly check if something is wrong on your smartphone TestM is an application that diagnoses the hardware that makes up a mobile device. The application is responsible for testing all the components of a smartphone or tablet and issues a technical report that can be useful when we plan to buy or sell second-hand equipment, […]

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TV Mirror for Chromecast for iPhone

Turn your Chromecast into an Apple TV TV Mirror for Chromecast is an application that can cast all the activity that takes place on the iPhone to a Chromecast and any device with Chromecast built-in. It works as long as the iPhone and Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It is ideal for […]

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AirScreen – AirPlay & Cast & Miracast for Android

Turn your Android phone into a Chromecast or Apple TV AirScreen is an application that can connect to computers or mobile devices on the home Wi-Fi network using Google Cast, Miracast, AirPlay and DLNA technologies. It works on Android phones and Android TV devices, in such a way that when running on these devices it […]

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BlueStacks for Windows

BlueStacks allows you to use Android applications and games on a Windows or Mac computer BlueStacks is an emulator of the Android system for personal computers. It allows mobile applications to run inside Windows or Mac without altering the operation of the computer. Once the program has started, it works like an Android device, with […]

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