Ideogram AI: a generator of new images with AI

A significant portion of generative artificial intelligence projects are focusing on the realm of images. Ideogram AI is one of them, designed to generate new images from textual instructions that contain the elements of a specific scene. It can also incorporate a set of style labels to better convey the graphic product envisioned by the user. For example, graffiti, portrait photography, fashion, painting, posters, anime, typography, fantasy, 3D rendering, wildlife photography, and more.

With Ideogram AI, it is effortless to fully appreciate the graphic possibilities of generative artificial intelligence. This AI model can display on the screen any type of scene imaginable in people’s minds, as long as it is adequately explained with text. From images that can be seen in the real world to the most original artistic creations.

The only restriction on Ideogram AI’s creativity is the descriptive texts. The better they explain the user’s expectations, the better the results obtained.

How to generate drawings with Ideogram AI

To generate a graphic object with Ideogram AI, you only need to access their online platform from your desktop or mobile browser at

Next, register for the service using one of your Google accounts.

Then, fill in the text box with the instructions and elements that make up the scene to be displayed on the screen. You can also choose the styles that best suit your expectations. Finally, click on the “Generate” button.

After a brief process, you will have the final result on your screen, available in three types of formats: 10.18, 1.1, and 18:10. This new image will be saved in


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