What you need to know about the iOS 17 updates

The wait is over for those interested in adding the new features announced for iOS 17 to their iPhones, the latest version of iOS, the powerful operating system that governs Apple’s phones. This major iOS update is now available for download and installation on iPhone models starting from the iPhone XS.

In addition to the usual security improvements in every software update, iOS 17 includes changes focused on user interface customization and communications.

The new NameDrop feature in iOS 17

To begin with, there is a change in the way information is shared between two contacts with the new NameDrop feature, which only requires bringing two phones close together to exchange custom contact Posters to the user’s liking. It also includes the ability to share information about other phone contacts in various ways using the Contacts app.

Interactive widgets in iOS 17

Furthermore, the function of interactive widgets is expanded, allowing actions related to the apps they are associated with to be performed from the home screen, lock screen, or waiting screen, all without having to open a specific app.

The On Hold feature in iOS 17

Another significant improvement is the addition of the On Hold feature, which provides a better experience while the device is charging. This means that whenever charging is done in landscape mode, the iPhone can display useful information on the screen, such as clocks in different styles, photos, or widgets.

Explicit Content Warnings

Regarding privacy options, iOS 17 introduces explicit content warnings, a feature that prevents explicit content from being suddenly displayed in Messages, AirDrop, contact Posters, and FaceTime messages.

In addition to all the mentioned features, there are improvements in Apple Maps, which now work offline. The keyboard autocorrect now uses AI based on Transformer models to improve accuracy. Interactive wallpapers are also reintroduced, and support is provided for FaceTime audio and video messages, among many other things.

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