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[Solved] How do I connect my Google Drive to my Onn TV Box?

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Hello everyone,

I've got an Onn TV Box and I'm wondering how I can connect my Google Drive to it. I've got some movies and videos stored there, and I'd love to be able to stream them on my TV. But I'm not sure how to set it up.

Has anyone managed to connect their Google Drive to an Onn TV Box? Could you share the steps or any tips to help me out?

Any guidance you can provide would be awesome. Thanks a bunch in advance for your assistance!

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Using Google Drive on a TV box can provide you with several useful features and benefits, allowing you to access your files and content directly from your TV.

You can stream videos and play audio files directly from your Google Drive on the TV box, avoiding the need to download large media files onto your TV box's local storage.

To connect your Google Drive to your Onn Android TV Box:

Enter the Google Play Store from your TV Box and download the X-Plore browser.

Open X-Plore and go to Web storage and click on Add server
Select Google Drive from the menu that opens and sign in.


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@admin Hey there,

Just wanted to drop a big thank you for your super helpful response! Your tips on using Google Drive with a TV box are seriously awesome. It's great to know how easy it can be to access files and media straight from the TV screen.

Your step-by-step instructions for connecting Google Drive to the Onn Android TV Box are clear as day. Seriously, you've made it easy for anyone to follow, no matter their tech skills.

Thanks a bunch for sharing your knowledge and helping out the forum community. Your insights rock!

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