the new AI search engine or simply You, is a new search engine that uses artificial intelligence to offer relevant results instead of doing it for commercial reasons in the style of Google or for popularity.

Its interface is assimilated to those of traditional search engines and works identically to them, incorporating additional search sections for image files, video files and news. You can also locate information posted on social networks such as Twitter, Reddit. YouTube, Instagram, among others.

What is YouChat?

However, has one feature that sets it apart from other search engines. This is the inclusion of YouChat, an assistant similar to ChatGPT, with which you search for answers to questions asked in natural language.

YouChat processes queries on various topics and finds the most appropriate answer taking as a source the information with which it has been trained and that which appears on the Internet, an advantage compared to ChatGPT whose knowledge database has not been updated since 2021.

This assistant intelligent makes translations, tells you how to prepare stews, writes algorithms in pseudocode, tells you jokes, performs mathematical operations, etc. is a search engine that is still in beta phase, so its interface is only available in English. However, it allows you to search in any language. Even from specific applications to be installed on iPhone and Android phones, which are downloaded from official stores for free.

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