Google advanced search – how does it work?

Most of us are content to search through the thousands of results that Google offers us for a specific search for information, however this search engine has advanced search functions that could well serve us to considerably reduce that amount and thus be able to complete in a more complete way. efficient our tasks.

Indeed, Google incorporates an advanced search system that involves simple forms, filters and operators with which it is possible to improve searches or find documents published on the web in the form of files with a specific extension (PDF, XLS, DOC… ). All of them very easy to handle and master.

How to access Google’s advanced search system?

Go to the Google home page, click Preferences at the bottom of the screen, and select Advanced Search. On a smartphone, tap the options menu at the top left of the screen and select Advanced Search.

Use the Show pages with… sections to put the exact words or phrases that should appear on the pages that will make up the results list. Or also the terms that should not appear. Each box on the form has simple instructions for its use, characterized by being very intuitive.

Next, use the Then narrow your results by… section to filter results by language, region, publication or update date, terms that appear in specific parts of the page (title, text, URL, etc.), file type or rights to use the page (pages that do not require licenses, pages that can be used freely, etc.).

When finished, click Advanced Search.

This system works on computers and mobile devices, but in the latter case there is also an additional possibility: using the SafeSearch filter to remove pages with adult content and content that incites violence from the search results, as well as to blur images with explicit sexual content.

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