How to improve your WiFi signal

Some tips and recommendations to solve a slow Wi-Fi.

The speed of broadband Internet connections have been gradually improving over the years, but even so, it is possible to find users disappointed with the speed of the Wi-Fi connection that reaches their computers, consoles or televisions, among other devices. wireless. This problem is exacerbated during hours of high Internet traffic or when all members of the family environment access the Internet simultaneously. That is why we give you some tips and recommendations to improve the power or quality of the Wi-Fi in your home (or small office).

Tips to improve your WiFi signal

Like any signal that is broadcast over the air, the Wi-Fi signal is subject to numerous interferences. In addition to the walls, furniture or mirrors in the house, electrical appliances that work in the immediate vicinity or even the routers of neighbors can degrade the Wi-Fi signal and slow the Internet connection. Therefore, it is important that you place the modem or router in a central place in the house and at a higher height than other objects or wireless devices. Also, keep it away from devices that work on the same frequency such as radio receivers, microwave ovens, and cordless phones for landlines.

Regarding interference caused by neighbors’ Wi-Fi networks, consult the manufacturer’s manual or contact your Internet provider so that your router is configured on a communication channel different from that of the nearest routers (to decipher this information, you can use the NetStumbler tool). On the other hand, the position of the router antennas also play an important role in transmitting the Internet signal, make sure to keep them perpendicular to the ground.

Another aspect to take into account is the age of the Wi-Fi devices that connect to the Internet in your home. If you have devices that are not so current, try to connect them by Ethernet cable or keep them turned off if no one at home is using them, this way you will avoid a useless expense of the Internet connection. Also influences the signal strength and therefore the quality of the connection, the hardware components of an electronic device. That is why in a high-end device it will be easier to get a good Wi-Fi signal than in a device with modest characteristics.

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