How to turn on the keyboard backlight on your laptop

Backlit keyboards are very useful for typing from your computer in low light environments. They are usually marketed as external accessories, but many high-performance laptops and laptops designed for gamers also include them within their hardware makeup.

Backlit keyboards are not dependent on the operating system or require special drivers. Its key illumination feature is activated at the user’s request, usually by a specific key, but this may vary from brand to brand. That is why we show you how to turn on the key light for the main brands of laptops.

First, you need to be able to identify whether a keyboard has a backlight. They usually include an illuminated symbol or icon on a specific key, the most common being the function keys, the Esc key, or the Space key. If not, it is highly unlikely that the keyboard will have a backlight.

How to turn on the keyboard light in Lenovo

Press the Fn key + Esc key or Space key, depending on the position of the corresponding symbol. To turn off the light or switch between its different lighting modes, press the same keys until you find the preferred mode.

How to turn on the keyboard light in Asus

Press the Fn key + F3 or F4 key, depending on where the lighting icon is located. To change or dim the brightness, as well as to turn off the light, press the same keys until you find the chosen option.

How to turn on the keyboard light in HP

On an HP laptop, the illumination icon is printed on one of the function keys, usually F4 or F5. To enable the light, press the corresponding key. If it does not turn on, try the Fn key, that is, press the Fn key + the corresponding function key at the same time.

How to turn on the keyboard light in Dell

On a Dell laptop with a backlit keyboard the backlight icon is printed on the F6, F10, or Right Arrow key. To activate the backlight, just press the F10 key or one of the following combinations depending on the model: Fn + F6 or Fn + Right Arrow key.

How to turn on the keyboard light in Acer

The illumination icon is usually printed on the F9 key. To activate the keyboard light on an Acer laptop, press this key individually or in combination with the Fn key, that is, Fn + F9.

How to turn on the keyboard light in Toshiba

On Toshiba laptops with a backlit keyboard, the backlight icon is on the Z key. To turn on the backlight, press the Z key. If you can’t turn it on, press the Fn + Z combination.

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