How to enter into service mode on Hyundai Android 7.1 TVs?

Many of the common faults that affect a television after having practiced a change of screen or a repair of the main board or some other type of technical service are solved from the options included in its service menu.

The Hyundai TV Android 7.1 service menu

This menu contains a set of sound and video settings that are not usually found in the main menu of the television, such as the screen rotation option that solves the inverted image problem.

In the specific case of Hyundai televisions, it also contains a force reset option to factory settings, a method widely used when the problem of screen freezing (screen stuck on the logo) occurs mainly caused by an error with the update. firmware.

How to access Hyundai Android 7.1 service mode

The way to enter the service mode on a generic Android equipped Hyundai Smart TV (HYLED3215INT2, hyled3211int, etc.), is as follows.

With the TV turned on, just press the Menu key on your remote control and then press the sequence 2-0-0-8. To exit the service menu, press the Menu button.

How to do a hard reset from the service menu

Navigate between the service menu options using the remote control and select the Reset option. Confirm the requested action and wait for the process to run. The TV will restart automatically.

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