Why does JBL Charge 5 only work while plugged in?

The JBL Charge 5 speakers are characterized by offering great acoustic quality and having a battery with autonomy for 20 hours in conditions that do not demand the maximum of their sound capacity. In addition, it can serve as a charging bank for portable devices such as phones and smart watches compatible with charging via USB cable, this being a feature that can save us from trouble when we are outdoors where there is no electricity.

But, all these features designed for use while we move outside our homes are lost if the device only works connected to the current. This is a situation that often happens due to accidental misconfiguration caused by inappropriate manipulation of its physical buttons. although use in extreme humidity conditions, among other environmental factors, cannot be excluded either.

Fortunately there is a solution common to many electronic devices: a power reset. This simple procedure can solve the problem that prevents the JBL speaker from turning on only when it is in charging mode. Follow these steps.

What to do if a JBL Charge 5 only works in charge mode?

Put your JBL Charge 5 speaker to work with power-on problems, that is, connect it to the power and turn it on in the usual way.

Next, turn off the Bluetooth connection of nearby compatible devices, or do it in a place where there is no such interference.

Then, with the speaker on, press the power and volume down buttons at the same time until all the speaker LEDs turn off. Wait a few moments for the speaker to reboot. Finally, remove the charging cable and use the speaker as normal.

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