How to delete the words learned by the keyboard

Mobile device keyboards have evolved to such an extent that they can now understand human language.

In fact, these tools already contain artificial intelligence algorithms in their design that analyze the way each user writes, identify patterns and establish similarities with commonly used words or expressions to predict relevant results, which are suggested as they go. writing. This is what is known as the predictive keyboard feature which combines to ensure efficient keyboarding with the auto word correction feature.

However, a support of this kind also has its counterpart: the learned words or terms are saved in a database or dictionary, ready to be used in the following searches, text messages or emails.

But this also puts privacy at risk, since among the patterns identified by the keyboard are expressions and abbreviations for personal use and even secret codes that can be shown to any friend, family member or eventual user of the mobile device.

If this causes you concern, here’s how to remove learned words from your smartphone keyboard.

How to clear keyboard history on your iPhone

On an iPhone do the following. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or reset this iPhone.

On the screen that appears, tap Reset and then tap Reset keyboard dictionary. Enter the iPhone security code and confirm the requested action.

How to clear keyboard history on Android?

Go to Settings > System and updates. Then select Language & input.

Then select Gboard or whatever keyboard app you use. For Gboard, tap on Dictionary and select Clear learned words. Finally, confirm the operation.

In another keyboard application this last part is done in the same way.

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