How to download music to your phone with Telegram?

WhatsApp and Telegram fulfill their task of communicating with people from anywhere in the world in a secure way and without having to pay any fee. In addition, every time they are updated they offer better functions that adapt to the new technologies used in the devices on which they run.

What are Telegram bots?

But there is a fundamental difference between WhatsApp and Telegram: with Telegram the user has access to hundreds of Bots. These Telegram components are small programs that run automatically and perform specific tasks based on the instructions or commands received from the user.

Interaction with these bots is also very simple, as it is done from the chat screen as if it were a conversation between contacts.

One of those bots is the one that allows listening to and downloading music of any kind to the memory of the smartphone on which Telegram is installed. Its name is VKMbot and it has been working within Telegram for a long time, which gives it a wide guarantee.

VKMbot can search music by the song title or by the name of the group or singer. And it also has a menu of options to configure this mini program according to your preferences.

How to install the VKM bot on Telegram?

Open Telegram and enter the Chats screen.

In the Search chats box, type VKMbot and select this option when it appears in the search results. Then tap Start.

Next, follow the instructions of the VKMbot Telegram bot.

As an example, to search for a song by its title, send the following message to the VKM bot: /song.

The next step is to write the name of the song and send it to the bot. Then, review the list of results and click on the topic that matches your search.

Image by Alexey Marcov from Pixabay

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