How to get WhatsApp dark mode

You can now use a black background in your WhatsApp chats.

The dark mode has become the new feature of WhatsApp, the most important messaging application on the planet. His arrival at WhatsApp was a matter of time, as it had already been adopted by Windows 10, iOS 13, Instagram, among others.

This option helps to combat the visual fatigue that is produced by the use of the screen in poorly lit environments and serves to reduce the battery consumption of the device. It is available, as long as the WhatsApp application is updated to version 2.20.30. Here we show you how to activate it on iOS and Android.

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode on Android

Open WhatsApp, touch the three dots button and go to the Settings of the application.

Next, go to Chats > Theme. Activate the Dark option.

On Android 10 and later versions, enable the System Default option if you want the dark mode of WhatsApp to match the phone settings.

How to activate WhatsApp dark mode on iPhone

The dark mode of WhatsApp is not activated from the settings of the mobile application, but from the configuration of the iPhone phone. And it only works from iOS 13. For this, go to Settings > Display and Brightness and select Dark.

The changes will be applied automatically in WhatsApp. If this does not happen, update WhatsApp manually by following the steps below. Open the App Store application. Next, touch the Today tab and then your profile icon. In the Upcoming updates section, click on the Update button that corresponds to WhatsApp.

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