How to send WhatsApp audios with the voices of celebrities

Recently, it has become a trend on social networks to share animated stories or audios narrated by world famous people such as Donald Trump, SpongeBob or Bart Simpson, among many others.

FakeYou is one of the web pages that is dedicated to generating all those voices saying what you request in the form of text, and it does so by applying artificial intelligence techniques. Specifically, the Deep Fake technique, so named because it uses Deep learning methods such as antagonistic generative networks to create false content (fake) but that seems very real.

Despite the fact that FakeYou uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate entertaining audio content, it works very smoothly and at the same time very easy.

How to use FakeYou voices in WhatsApp

You just have to enter their website and register as a new user to be able to download the audios created and share them through WhatsApp or the social network of your choice.

After this, click on Explore voices. Now, choose the language and select a category.

In the Voice section, choose one of the available ones and in the Your text field, write the phrase to be played. Then tap on Talk.

Wait for the request to be processed and when the audio is ready, click on the Share and download option.

Finally, share the audio through WhatsApp or your preferred application.

Image by torstensimon from Pixabay

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