How to change Fonts in Instagram Stories using an app

Instagram has a font that is suitable for most text-format posts made through its Stories feature. Users have a variety of well-designed fonts that read correctly on any type of screen.

However, there are times when it may be necessary to use a different typeface, depending on the effect you want to achieve with the publication or the type of people it is addressed to, among other variables.

For this, it is necessary to resort to third-party applications, given the impossibility of importing external sources from the Instagram application. One of them is Hype Text, which has the function of creating stories with animated texts, offering a set of free and paid templates for this. We tell you how this application works to make your Instagram stories more attractive.

How to use Hype Text to generate texts in Instagram Stories?

Download Hype Text from the App Store or Google Play Store depending on the type of phone you have.

Open Hype Text and tap on the Instagram tab. Choose the template that has the font you want for your Instagram story. Then, choose a background image from the ones you have in your gallery or use your camera.

To finish, customize the phrase and configure the final details of the story with the options that the application presents. Once finished, click the Export button.

Wait for this process to finish. Then choose Instagram if you want the animation to be published on your Instagram account, click on the Save option if you want to save it on your terminal, or on Share if you want to share it in any other compatible application installed on the phone.

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