What is Tinder Matchmaker

In matters of love it is preferable not to improvise, and even less so when it comes to finding a partner on a dating application like Tinder. This app has an interesting system for finding matches, but this may not be enough for some people.

This is the reason for the appearance of its Matchmaker function, with which precisely a Tinder user can seek the recommendation of close friends and family regarding the profiles that interest them. That is, it allows the people around you to play the role of matchmakers.

How does Tinder Matchmaker work?

Each step of this function is well designed to avoid invasions of privacy. A user can share the profiles they are interested in with up to 15 people in their immediate environment using an invitation link to play the role of matchmaker.

These people do not need to be Tinder users, however they only have 24 hours to express their approval to the user who originated the link, not having the possibility of interacting with the “candidates”. At the end of this time, the user will be able to review the recommendations and decide whether to like the profile in question or do the opposite.

In which countries is Matchmaker available?

Tinder Matchmaker is a feature that is now available in more than 15 countries including France, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Australia. Its implementation is expected in the short term in all countries where Tinder is available.

What are the advantages of using Tinder Matchmaker?

Tinder Matchmaker gives you the opportunity to get valuable insight from your friends about your potential matches. This allows you to receive recommendations from people who know you well and want to see you happy in your romantic relationships.

Additionally, this feature helps you diversify and expand your base of potential matches, which increases your chances of finding a partner.

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