How to have the Google Camera on your Android phone

With Google Camera (GCam), the camera app for the Pixel phone series, Google set a course forward for fans of photography from their mobile devices.

Despite the latest innovations from the big brands in the photographic section of their own devices, the unique features for image processing and intelligent tools of the Google GCam remain, having as a hallmark the photographic quality in low light conditions, its night vision mode being remarkable.

Fortunately, you no longer have to own a Google Pixel phone to enjoy the Google Camera. A community of developers has implemented different versions of the GCam app to be installed on Android smartphones running version 7 or higher of this operating system. Each and every one of them is published in APK format and is free to download over the Internet.

How to download the GCam APK to your phone

However, such APKs are developed for a specific version of Android. For this reason, before downloading a version of GCam that does not correspond to the phone, it is preferable to carry out some compatibility checks. And for this there is the GCamloader app available for free in the Google Play Store.

GCamloader has a database of GCam compatible phones that is checked against your phone model to tell you which version is recommended. Also, it helps you download it and activate the Camera2 interface in case it was disabled.

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