How to make a Christmas video in which you are the protagonist?

ElfYourself is a mobile application designed to make hilarious short videos inspired by Christmas parties, but starring yourself or accompanied by up to four friends or family, all playing the role of dancing elves.

The application offers more than twenty video templates ready to be customized with your own images, some of them free to use.

ElfYourself is an application suitable for people of all ages. To make the montage on a particular template, all you have to do is add the photos of the faces of the chosen people, either by taking them on the spot or by selecting them from a Facebook or Instagram account.

It is also possible to add a personalized greeting and make manual adjustments so that the faces fit perfectly on the bodies of Santa’s cute friends.

At the end of the short editing work, you can preview the created video file and then share it directly on social networks, messaging applications, or also saved in the terminal’s memory.

To download this app to your smartphone, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for ElfYourself.

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