What does Metaverse mean in its most basic form?

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a term that identifies a new way of life derived from the evolution of Internet technology, mainly linked to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies. These allow a person who has compatible headsets and devices to enter imaginary digital worlds but experiencing the same sensations they experience in the real world, being able to interact with other people and objects.

How to start living in a Metaverse?

Video games and the universes that are built from them are an example of a Metaverse.

Social networks with their ability to personalize a user’s identity through an Avatar or Augmented Reality filters also signify potential Metaverses. Hence the company Facebook has been one of the pioneers in popularizing the term. Even its current name is Meta.

But a Metaverse can also mean something much more complex. And it is that the very origin of its name comes from a science fiction novel published in 1992 by Neil Crash in which the Metaverse is represented as a future version of the Internet.

In an environment like this, the interaction we see today is possible precisely in social networks, massively multiplayer video games like Roblox, online collaboration platforms, Internet communication tools, and technology-based economic systems Blockchain.

In fact, an important pillar on which the modern concept of the Metaverse is based, are cryptocurrencies, since they allow the exchange of currencies or the purchase and sale of virtual assets in a particular Metaverse, being able to expand to other Metaverses.

Even companies like Tommy Hilfiger and Springfield have already launched digital collections of specific clothing for sale on Roblox and other online platforms, the acquisition of which is done through digital currencies or cryptocurrencies.

Image by Kan-art from Pixabay

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