What is Ares for in 2023?

Ares is a file sharing program that uses the P2P system, which means “point to point” or “between users”, because the files are not stored on a central server. Instead, they are stored in folders that the user has set up as shared space.

It has more than twenty years of being launched with great success as a program for the Windows system, being in its time one of the main sources of obtaining songs, videos or software. Throughout this period, he had important changes.

One of them was the replacement of the P2P Gnutella protocol with which it originally worked with another P2P exchange system. Another was its move to free software and the adoption of the BitTorrent protocol and its network of users that boosted its operation and amount of shared material.

However, little by little it was being abandoned by users who found other ways to access sources of entertainment, currently being practically in disuse and without any content to exchange, being able to access from its interface only thematic online radios or dedicated to specific artists. If you still want to try it, click on the following link https://sourceforge.net/projects/aresgalaxy/ which will take you to their page on SourceForge.

Alternatives to Ares on Windows, Mac and Linux

Among the best alternatives to Ares for computers are the programs that work with the BitTorrent network, however, there is one of them that stands out above the rest. Its name is FrostWire and, like Ares, it also has an integrated player and offers a very intuitive content search system that saves the user the task of operating with torrents, the program itself taking care of obtaining and opening them to later download the associated file.

Alternatives to Ares on Android

The advantage of FrostWire is that it has an Android version packaged in an APK file that is very easy to install, which, in addition to obtaining content based on torrents, searches for content from other online sources such as YouTube.

How to download FrostWire

All FrostWire installation files, including its Android version, can be found on its official page https://www.frostwire.com/.

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