AI for song versions with favorite singers’ voices

As artificial intelligence approaches a broader audience, the available services for computers and mobile phones are multiplying. In addition to ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Telegram’s LuzIA, among many others, Singify has joined the ranks—a web platform that allows for experiments within an important category of popular music, such as song covers or simply covers.

Singify uses artificial intelligence technologies to replicate the voices of renowned singers and characters, both living and deceased, and then inserts them into the instrumental parts of songs originally performed by other artists. In other words, it enables the use of AI to create covers to the consumer’s liking.

Singify boasts a library of over a hundred famous voices, including Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, Adele, John Lennon, Homer Simpson, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, and Frank Sinatra. All of these voices are generated with artificial intelligence and can be used freely as long as it is not for commercial purposes.

How to create song covers with Singify’s artificial intelligence

It takes just a few steps to generate a cover with Singify.

To begin, access the service, click on “Create AI Covers Now” to access the voice gallery. Then, select one of the available performers or characters.

Next, go to the “Please Add Your Audio” section and input the song you want to cover with the selected voice. You can either add the YouTube video link or upload the audio file from your PC (in MP3 format or with the help of a microphone). Finally, confirm the requested operation by clicking on the “Make AI Cover” button.

After a short wait, you’ll have the result ready to be listened to online or downloaded.

Singify offers you the possibility to download the newly created cover, download the vocal performance, or download the instrumental part, which can be used for karaoke.

Singify is a free platform but operates on a credit system that will deplete as you generate more covers. However, you can earn more credits by inviting your friends or acquaintances to try its features.

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