How to Summarize a YouTube Video to Text Using Artificial Intelligence

The current landscape of artificial intelligence is vast and complex. This technology holds a special appeal for companies seeking to enhance their capabilities and automate tasks, among many other things. However, there are also options aimed at the general public. Among them are chatbots and virtual assistants that handle general queries, such as ChatGPT or Google Bard, visual filters applied in video production, and new tools for summarizing videos.

These innovative tools apply machine learning techniques, natural language processing, and the analysis of text and multimedia data to create text-based summaries of video files provided to them. They work with online videos hosted on various platforms, with YouTube being the primary attraction due to its extensive library of knowledge in the form of podcasts, documentaries, tutorials, or audiobooks.

What they do is analyze the video and extract the most important parts, making them highly useful for obtaining information contained in a video without having to watch it.

How to Summarize a YouTube Video with ChatGPT

This process is straightforward, as they all operate in the same manner. The only information they require is the URL of the YouTube video. From this URL, they can process the information within the video and display the results within seconds. This information is presented in English, but you can use your browser’s translation function to view it in your preferred language. For example, in Chrome, you can find it in the context menu (accessible by right-clicking).

Now that you understand how they work, let’s introduce you to two of the most important ones.

Summarize Tech

Summarize Tech is a web tool based on the GPT language model, the same model that powers ChatGPT. It can identify the most important segments of the video and present them in the form of chapters, containing the main ideas.

Eightify: Youtube Summary with ChatGPT

Eightify: Youtube Summary with ChatGPT functions as a Chrome browser extension. Once added to your browser, you can access its services from the Chrome extensions icon. However, they are offered through the purchase of an annual subscription plan. This tool also employs the GPT language model to fulfill its purpose of summarizing YouTube videos.

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