Microsoft redesigns Paint with intelligent algorithms

What is Microsoft Paint?

Microsoft Paint is a program created by Microsoft for simple drawing and painting tasks. It includes the usual tools for this type of composition, such as brushes of different sizes, erasers, a magnifying glass, a color picker, among others. All of them are well complemented with functions to add geometric shapes, insert text boxes, and rotate images on the canvas. Paint is part of Windows and remains unchanged in each new version of the operating system.

Despite receiving updates over the years, the experience with the program demonstrates its limitations for more extensive graphic work, which is why it has never been considered by more advanced users who have been forced to opt for alternatives like Gimp or Photoshop.

However, Microsoft persists in the integration of Paint with Windows. Moreover, they have already planned a new update that enhances its capabilities with intelligent algorithms. Specifically, algorithms for removing backgrounds from images.

This is noted in a post on the official Windows Insider program blog, which mentions that a new button has been added to the Microsoft Paint toolbar with the purpose of removing backgrounds from an image with a simple click.

How to access the new Microsoft Paint?

The new version of Microsoft Paint equipped with artificial intelligence is 11.2306.30.0 and is already available to members of the Windows Insider community. Its official release is expected soon, but it will be exclusively for Windows 11.

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