LuzIA: a WhatsApp contact with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our smartphones. To the hundreds of AI applications that run from the mobile browser and apps like Bing whose Chat section works with ChatGPT technology, now a virtual assistant for WhatsApp has been added with a human conversation capacity.

Its name is LuzIA and it is a project of a group of Spanish entrepreneurs that empowers WhatsApp with its ability to transcribe audios, translate texts, write or make summaries of articles, prepare food recipes, among others, all of them supported by algorithms. of artificial intelligence.

LuzIA is based on GPT 3.5 technology, the same one that drives ChatGPT. But this assistant has the peculiarity of communicating with WhatsApp users like any other contact would. And it has an international phone number that makes it easy to add to your phone’s contact book.

How to add LuzIA to WhatsApp

However, the easiest way to have LuzIA as a WhatsApp contact is as follows:

Open the Internet browser of your smartphone and enter the page of this project whose address is

Then click on the Free trial option. Have the link open in WhatsApp and send the first activation message that appears automatically. After a few brief instructions, you will be able to talk with the artificial intelligence of LuzIA and ask for what you need.

LuzIA WhatsApp contact number

An alternate method to include LuzIA in our WhatsApp contacts is by utilizing her phone number. To do this, access the Contacts app on your smartphone and input LuzIA’s international phone number: +34 613 28 81 16.

Subsequently, launch the WhatsApp application on your device and employ the app’s search tool to locate LuzIA.

What can you ask LuzIA?

There’s no doubt that its strengths lie in its high level of comprehension and text generation, which can be harnessed to produce relevant information across various areas of knowledge. But those aren’t its only virtues.

You can also ask LuzIA to graphically represent an idea or concept based on certain details describing it. The command for LuzIA to express itself through drawings is “imagine,” although the commands “draw” or “sketch” also work, always accompanied by a description of the scene to be depicted.

How to pin the chat with LuzIA at the top of the screen

This adjustment is important, as it places the conversation with LuzIA at the top of the WhatsApp chat screen. This way, access to the information provided by the virtual assistant is facilitated. To do this, locate the conversation with LuzIA and activate the Pin or “Pin chat” option.

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