How to Install an Unofficial App Store on the iPhone?

AltStore is an application that functions as an alternative application store for iPhone phones. With it you will be able to install applications in the native iOS IPA format (the equivalent of Android APK). However, AltStore is not a standalone application, it works together with a computer program called AltServer.

This program, available for Windows and Mac, is also in charge of installing said unofficial store on the iPhone using the developer tools published by Apple, which is fully valid on iOS. Its function is to create developer certificates using the user’s Apple account and use them for any IPA application that does not have the authenticity signature of Apple.

Therefore, its installation on the iPhone does not constitute a jailbreak process that could void the phone’s warranty or put the user’s personal information at risk.

What applications does AltStore contain?

AltStore is a store with little content, but its appeal lies in the fact that it allows the installation of IPA files without their corresponding digital signature, since this is assigned by AltServer when the device is synchronized with iTunes. This is the case of the Spotify++ application, a modified version of Spotify in which access to listening to music is unlimited, without interruptions due to ads and without having to make any payment.

How to install AltStore on iPhone?

As an example we show you how to install Spotify++ on your iPhone through AltStore and without jailbreak.

To begin with, you must have the latest versions of the iTunes and iCloud programs installed on your computer. In Windows, only the installations carried out by downloading these programs from the official Apple website are valid, and those made from the Microsoft Store are not valid.

The next step is to download AltServer from its official page and proceed with its installation on the computer. Once this is done, open AltServer, click on its icon located on the taskbar and select the option Install AltStore > iPhone, the iPhone being connected by cable to the computer and synchronized with iTunes.

Wait for the AltStore to install on the phone. If the warning appears that it comes from an untrusted developer, change this situation from Settings > General > Device management and VPN > Developer app.

Once the AltStore is active on the iPhone, you will be able to browse its content and install any of the applications included by default.

However, if what you want is to install the Spotify++ IPA file, you should look for a reliable source on the Internet that has it published on their servers. Use your browser for this purpose.

Once you have downloaded it to your iPhone tap on it, select the Share option and then select AltStore. Preferably, keep the iPhone connected to the computer and make sure that the AltServer application is open.

This is the method you must follow to install any IPA file without Apple signature, including the WhatsApp Plus application.

Disadvantages of AltStore

AltStore works based on very strict Apple policies that doesn’t allow it to have more than three active apps open, including itself.

Another drawback is that developer certificates expire after seven days, which can be saved by letting AltServer update them, but for this this program must be running permanently in the background and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the iPhone, not It must be uninstalled from the computer, since it would render the applications installed by this method unusable.

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