Membrane Keyboards vs. Mechanical Keyboards

Many times, to achieve better performance in front of the screen of our computer, it is not enough to have it very well equipped and optimized. Both to execute the most basic computer tasks and to play video games, a processor or a latest generation video card is useless if our peripheral accessories are not adequate.

One of these components and whose importance cannot be ignored because it is the one that transmits the information to the computer is the keyboard. The better behaved, the more timely our response will come, especially in situations that require you to be fast, for example, during a game.

There are currently two types of keyboard that dominate the market: membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards.

What are membrane keyboards?

In the first case, it is about the keyboards that we commonly find in laptops.

Several layers of flexible material are involved in its elaboration. After pressing a certain key, it allows it to return to its initial position, being in an intermediate place the metallic conductors that transmit the electrical signals to the computer after making contact with the circuitry printed on the board.

They have the advantage of adapting to all needs, making little noise and being very economical, but given their compact design, they can accumulate dirt inside. In addition to this drawback, it is very difficult to try to change a defective key, making it necessary in the event of this eventuality to replace the keyboard.

What are mechanical keyboards?

On the other hand, mechanical keyboards differ from the previous ones due to their keystroke mechanism. Under each of them there is a mechanical system made up of a switch and springs that return it to its original position after making contact with the device circuit board.

They have the advantage of offering greater durability against constant use. They also present better sensitivity to touch and a better response in demanding conditions, which is why they are the most recommended for use in intense activities such as video games. On the other hand, they have the disadvantage of being more expensive than membrane keyboards and being much noisier.

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