Windows key: what it is for and shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts is a feature of Windows that allows a more productive and efficient use of this operating system through the use of the keyboard and that involves common keys added to well-known keys such as CTRL, ALT, DELETE and the Windows key.

Each combination with any of these keys becomes commands that execute common operations in windows of programs or Windows tools, for example, tasks of printing documents, copying files, searching for files, among many others.

However, among all this set of keys, there is one that stands out greatly: it is the key represented by the Windows logo that appears in duplicate and is located on both sides of the space bar. And it is that the commands with the Windows key allow faster access to valuable sections of Windows such as those presented in its configuration section and to be able to make the necessary changes. That is why we show you a list of the most relevant shortcuts that contain the Windows key.

Windows key shortcuts

Windows key: Open or close the Start menu

Windows Key + A : Open Action Center.

Windows Key + C: Open the Microsoft Teams program.

Windows Key + D : Shows and hides the desktop.

Windows Key + E: Open File Explorer.

Windows key + F : Take a screenshot and open Feedback Hub at the same time.

Windows Key + G: Open Xbox Game Bar.

Windows Key + H : Launches the Microsoft Voice Typing feature.

Windows Key + I: Open System Settings.

Windows Key + K : Opens the Cast Screen feature.

Windows Key + L : Locks the screen and allows user session switching.

Windows Key + M – Minimizes running windows.

Windows Key + Shift + M – Restores windows minimized by the Windows Key + M command.

Windows Key + N : Open Notification Center, Mail, and Calendar.

Windows Key + P : Opens the Cast Screen feature.

Windows Key + CTRL + Q : Opens Quick Assist.

Windows Key + R – Opens the Run box.

Windows Key + S: Open the Type here to search box.

Windows Key + Shift + S: Opens the function to capture parts of the screen.

Windows Key + U: Open Windows Accessibility.

Windows Key + V: Open the Clipboard History.

Windows Key + X – Opens the Windows Start context menu.

Windows key + comma key : Allows you to peek at the desktop.

Windows key + space bar : Access the Keyboard layout.

Windows Key + CTRL + Enter : Open Windows Narrator.

Windows Key + Print Screen – Take a full screenshot of the screen.

Windows Key + CTRL + Shift + B – Resets graphics drivers in the presence of a black screen or blank screen.

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