How to watch Photocall TV on Roku or Roku TV

On the Roku system and Roku TVs, the built-in browser is not very functional and on some models it doesn’t even exist, which makes it very difficult to access Photocall TV, the web page that offers the signals of hundreds of television channels from all over the world. the world. And that therefore runs from a web browser.

However, there is an alternative to watching Photocall TV with the convenience that an entertainment service demands and it is provided by the Web Video Caster – Receiver channel, available from the Roku Channel Store.

Indeed, Web Video Caster – Receiver acts as a streaming receiver for the Web Video Cast application that is downloaded from the official stores to an Android phone or iPhone. Web Video Cast can send the audiovisual content available on the Internet to the Web Video Caster – Receiver, and in particular the television channels broadcast by Photocall TV.

How to access Photocall channels on Roku or Roku TV?

Once Web Video Caster – Receiver is installed on the Roku device or Roku TV, all you have to do is connect it to the Web Video Cast application on your phone. This is a very simple process that only requires having your Roku device and smartphone connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It is even suggested before the first use.

Now, to reflect the Photocall TV signals on the Roku device, you just have to open the browser incorporated in the Web Video Cast app and enter Photocall TV in order to tune the TV signals of your programming. After this, the broadcast TV signal on the phone will be transmitted to the device or Roku TV.

However, there is another way to watch Photocall TV on Roku. It is provided by AirPlay protocol compatibility with Roku system in general, but it only works on iPhone phones. For this, just tune in to a Photocall TV TV channel in the Chrome or Safari browser and use the AirPlay streaming icon.

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