Editing a WhatsApp message is already possible

From now on, the exchange of messages between WhatsApp users has the option of editing. This option is part of the new version of the WhatsApp mobile app that will gradually begin to roll out around the world as the days go by. But it should be noted that WhatsApp is not the first to offer this possibility: apps like Telegram and Signal have already had this option for some time.

The ability to edit WhatsApp messages allows you to correct errors in the writing of the message that includes spelling mistakes. It also favors users who want to add additional information to a message after it has been received.

However, it only works with recently sent messages. In fact, there is a deadline to edit a WhatsApp message and it is 15 minutes after it has been sent. In addition, a label will appear attached to a modified message warning that it has been edited.

How to edit a WhatsApp message?

The way to apply this new message editing option in WhatsApp is extremely simple. Simply press and hold on a recently sent message to open the options menu and select the Edit option.

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