How to Send a Photo on WhatsApp Without Losing Quality

WhatsApp is an essential communication tool in which features such as the exchange of free text messages stand out, but it is definitely much more than that. Most users also share other types of content obtained with their own phones, in particular, photos of their daily activities or simply snapshots of unexpected situations that are never lacking.

This last aspect does not make WhatsApp users very happy because the images that are shared do not have the resolution with which they are produced by the camera. Instead, it reduces them in order to make the service smoother and also as a way to help save space on mobile devices.

WhatsApp has already announced that future versions of its mobile app will have an option to send images in their original quality. And he already plans to test it in beta versions, but if you don’t want to wait for that to happen, you can try the following trick that works on Android system.

How to share images in their original quality from WhatsApp

Open the app from your Android phone.

Enter the conversation from which you want to send the image in its original quality.

In the box to send messages, press the paper clip icon and select the Documents option. Find the image you want to share and tap Send.

Thus, you will have shared an image in its original quality from WhatsApp for Android

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