How to Access the Secret Gallery Menu in Samsung Galaxy

In the Android world, it is common for large phone manufacturers to configure their products with their own versions of said operating system. This is what is known as the customization layer and it has its starting point in the HTC Sense interface developed by the HTC company in 2011 for its HTC Sensation model.

Exactly the same thing happens with Samsung. Only in this case the customization layer that Samsung applies to the Android terminals it manufactures is called ONE UI (currently in version 4.1), and as such adds improvements to the native user interface, new ways of interacting with integrated applications, among other details.

One of these details is precisely the hidden Gallery menu on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets running ONE UI versions higher than 2.1.

The Secret Gallery Hidden Features

This secret menu known as Gallery Labs contains experimental functions generally related to the display of the elements that make up the Gallery, that is, photos and videos.

Among them are the hidden functions Filmstrip in viewer, Timelime in album, Advanced video player, Cloud video preview, Android image decoder, Show EXIF ​​in details and others that you will discover when you make the Gallery Labs secret menu visible.

How to Enable the Samsung Galaxy Secret Gallery Menu

Here are the steps you need to follow to access the hidden Gallery menu on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

  1. Open the Gallery, click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) located at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Now, tap on Settings and select About Gallery.
  3. Next, click repeatedly on the Gallery version.
  4. A few moments later you will see a warning on the screen that you are about to unlock the Gallery Labs menu. Keep pressing as many times as necessary until you get it.
  5. This Gallery Labs menu will appear as one more option in the Gallery app menu on your Samsung phone.

Note: Please note that Gallery Labs features are experimental and may sometimes not work properly or may disappear over time.

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