Houseparty for Android

Share your screen and play trivia and other mini-games with your Houseparty friends

Quarantine measures imposed by the health authorities of the different countries of the world have led to the resurgence of some types of applications aimed at entertainment. Proof of this is Houseparty, a group chat and video calling application that has become very popular among youths in Italy and Spain, two of the nations hardest hit by the pandemic. Houseparty works like any other group video calling app, but adds features such as a notification system that alerts when a user opens the app, a nearby user listener, and invitations to join a chat room. It works on iOS, Android devices, Mac computers and from the Chrome browser as an extension.

But the most outstanding features of Houseparty are those that give the possibility of creating chat rooms exclusively to play different mini-games among all the participants and its function to share the desktop. The latter allows the activity carried out on the mobile device to be shared with other connected users. And in the event that video calls are made from Chrome, it offers the possibility of transmitting to the other participants the entire screen, the application window and any open tab in the browser. All this quite intuitively.

Houseparty for iPhone /iPad

Houseparty for Chrome

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