How to solve mathematical problems with Photomath

The process of learning and teaching mathematics is highly influenced by reasoning. That is why the exercises that are proposed to understand a certain subject emphasize the concepts and mathematical properties that must be applied for its correct resolution.

This aspect is very well covered by Photomath, an educational application that solves mathematical problems and explains the procedure used step by step, in such a way that it allows us to check if what a student solved is true. Photomath is aimed at both basic and intermediate level math students, as well as parents and teachers.

But, Photomath stands out for its method of capturing and solving the exercises. It is enough to take a photo of the exercise written on printed paper for it to be sent to its problem-solving system in the cloud, in which an advanced neural network also participates, thus guaranteeing an almost perfect understanding of the problem as well as a correct resolution. In addition, it has the ability to display alternative solution options, if any.

What kind of mathematical exercises does Photomath solve?

Photomath has the ability to answer questions about linear and quadratic equations, decimal numbers, powers, fractions, inequalities, drawing curves, matrices, series and successions, complex numbers, limits, derivatives, integrals, trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions, and much more. further.

Photomath is an application that is available for iPhone and Android phones from the official app stores, that is, App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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