TikTok for Android

The social network for sharing funny videos.

TikTok is a social application aimed at young people willing to create and edit short and funny videos with their mobile phone. TikTok encourages the creativity of its users by encouraging them to record themselves in authentic but fun situations such as choreography, parodies, imitations or activities with their pets. After the recordings are made, they can be edited from the same application using a variety of editing tools, effects, color filters, face filters, stickers, trendy songs and much more.

TikTok works like any social network. Its members can have a user profile, post videos, comment on posts, or follow other users. On its main screen, it is possible to discover and have fun with the content created by other members of the TikTok community, however, it differs from other social platforms by the use of artificial intelligence. TikTok learns from its users’ preferences and always shows them the content they like, which also serves as inspiration when creating their own videos.

TikTok for iOS

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