How to create a GIF from a video on your iPhone?

On the Internet, files with audiovisual content are usually published in different formats, but one of the preferred ones is the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) format, given its ability to contain small sequences of frames that are played as if it were a video but without sound. This is also explained because the files with the GIF extension are very light when they are compressed and do not need any software to play them since they are natively supported by all operating systems.

However, with the rise of WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications, it is very common to see GIFs used to react to certain messages or make conversations more entertaining.

The preferred GIFs are those obtained from viral video scenes through a simple conversion process, mainly using online tools, but this does not mean that it is the only possibility, since GIFs can also be created from the recordings stored in the gallery of our iPhone.

How to make a GIF with a video saved on your iPhone?

For this we will use the Shortcuts application, which is native to iOS. If you don’t have it on your iPhone, you can download it for free from the App Store to your iPhone. Then do the following.

Open Shortcuts and tap on the Gallery section. In the search bar, type GIF to force the appearance of all the actions that can be done with this type of object.

In the list of suggestions, locate the Create GIF shortcut and tap on it. On the screen that opens, tap Add shortcut.

Once the Create GIF shortcut has been added, you can use it from the My Shortcuts > All Shortcuts section.

Its editing options allow you to trim the video in order to select the fragment that you want to convert to the GIF format. Once this is done, you can save it to the reel and share it in the usual way.

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