View files in Windows 11 without opening them

The task of locating a file on Windows systems is almost always complemented by an additional action: viewing its content to make sure that everything will be fine if you decide to copy or share it by any means. Something that involves having to double-click on the file in question, select an appropriate program and wait for it to run.

However, this last task can now be stopped, thanks to the text, photo and video file preview function implemented in Windows 11 File Explorer.

This feature displays a preview of the file’s content in a resizable side panel so the user can quickly make sure it’s the right file. We show you how to do it.

How to preview files in Windows 11

First of all, open Windows 11 File Explorer and locate the file you want to use. For this, navigate with the navigation tools or use the search function.

Once the file is located, select it with the mouse, go to the upper section and click on the View option.

Then select Show > Preview Pane and resize the viewing window to your preference.

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