How to get 800 free TV channels on Android TV

The television viewing experience has changed dramatically in recent years. Now it is very rare to find aerial antennas to receive TV signals; even cable television and satellite systems have declined in popularity to make way for Internet television.

Thus, by the time you read these lines, televisions with the Android TV system that work in the United States will already be able to enjoy the signals of 800 television channels that broadcast over the Internet. Exactly the same television channels integrated into televisions and TV boxes that operate with the Google TV system in the USA and places where the Live TV function of this operating system is already enabled.

Google TV, the main promoter of both entertainment systems, has decided that Android TV follows the same path as Google TV in terms of broadcasting live television channels without having to install additional applications. This has been achieved with a redesign of the operating system interface and the agreement it has with very important web television programming providers such as Pluto TV, Tubi, Plex and Haystack TV.

These video sources operate legally and include programming from traditional TV networks such as NBC, FOX and CBS, which will be integrated into Android TV through a tab called Live TV, similar to that of Google TV. This new version of Android TV will begin to be delivered in the USA and Google’s plans to implement it in the rest of the world are not ruled out.

What to do if you don’t live in the USA?

It is not a reason for frustration either, since free online video delivery is guaranteed on Android TV through IPTV applications, services such as Photocall TV, Tivify, Pluto TV or Distro TV, without forgetting subscription platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video .

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